The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse sends an average of one container per week to Missions around the world.  In 2017, we sent containers to 35 Missions in 16 countries.  Their gratitude is expressed in letters and emails to the warehouse which are updated here when possible. More regular posts are made to our Facebook page.  


March 20, 2018

"Greetings from San Benito. Hoping your family and you as well as your

team at the Salvatorian Mission are doing well. 
We are still distributing the goods from your last shipment. Father

Lorenzo from David got the conference table, chairs, beans and many

others goods that we are know he is going to use in his work at Verbo

The Lion's Club from Rio Sereno had an activity in Caizan and San

Benito help them with food items and some medical items. The school

supplies were given to a local school that has kids that come from parents

that are agricultural workers around Volcán and Cerro Punta.
There is a Center for under age kids that have had legal problems and

they are sent here for rehabilitation. A former student from San Benito

works here and he comes to San Benito for food items, shoes, clothes

and sheets. You won't see pictures of the kids because the judge won't

allow, but you can see how they use the can beans to make rice with beans

and the cracker sticks are used for breakfast along with a corn or plantain

hot drink. 
Thank David again for the help you send to Panama, Salvatorian Mission

reaches a lot people in Panama.
Here are some pictures of a Christmas party that a group of people that

live in Piedra de Candela, the town near our coffee farm. They have for

the last couple of years organized a Christmas party for the children that

come to this town with their parents for the coffee harvest."
-Greg, Panama


March 15, 2018

On the flight back from visiting Tanzanian missions last year, Heather

sat next to a man named Deji. Deji has lived in the US for decades, but

had returned to visit Nigeria where he was born. Inspired to help those

he had just seen, Deji connected with Dave and worked tirelessly to

get a container filled and sent to his contacts there. God put Heather

and Deji next to each other on that flight so immense joy could be

delivered to Nigeria.


February 14, 2018

"Greetings and best wishes to you. Hope and pray that you are well.

Happy to share with you that we are doing well and all our works are

going on good.

We had 8 sponsors who were with us for two weeks. They just returned

back. They were glad to bring two First Aid Kits that you donated.

Also tooth brushes. Attached are the photos.

Thanking you for all your kindness and support.

With Prayers and Much Gratitude, 

Tom and Geetha, India"


January 31, 2018

An update to the ambulance that was purchased for our Tanzanian partners:

"Dear friends,
The ambulance has been registered, with government plate number and

is now serving its purpose. There is a government paid driver for the

ambulance. It covers the whole area, a very wide coverage because there

is no other ambulance around. So it is not only for Lunbungo though

its parking and its primary task is at Lubungo.
This is a great assistance to the people. They are very grateful. 

We shall keep in touch.



January 18, 2018

The joyful arrival of a container in the Philippines!


January 11, 2018

Some photos to share of goods being unpacked from a container

in Honduras!


December 25, 2017

"Dear Dave and Volunteers at the SMW,
All the 163 children and teaching and non-teaching staff at the St. Therese

Youth Development and Education Center (STYDEC), Ghana send you

greetings. During this Holy Season, we would like to express our deepest

gratitude to you for sending us food, clothing, bicycles, and all the other

goodies this year and in the years past. We simply cannot thank you

enough for your kindness and generosity toward us. You have helped

the Theresian Fathers in our ministry to the poor and needy, especially

those at STYDEC and to that we say bravo!!! May the Good Lord

continue to bless you and your ministry and may He bless the donors

and their families and grant their needs accordingly. 
Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.
Rev. Fr. Paul Kala, SSTLF 
(Founder and Superior)"


December 8, 2017

One outcome of our visit to Tanzania was the purchase of an ambulance

for a rural clinic serving 15,000. Previously if a patient experienced

complications (for example, a woman in labor who has already walked

miles to get to the clinic), there was no way to transport them to a hospital.


November 29, 2017

Our Development Director, Beth, was able to visit some of the missions

in Ghana recently and provide rice to those in need.

A description of her time there as well as additional pictures is available

in our Winter Newsletter.


November 15, 2017

[You will recognize many of the people in these pictures from our visit to

Tanzania in August: The only doctor in the area, serving a population of

thousands. A nurse, taking on as much as possible to free up the doctor.

A local official with a desire to help his people. And, Henry, a professor

at the University and one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. A container

was filled with items vital to the operation of the local clinic and joyfully

unloaded by them all.]

"Hello friends,
Finally the container got out, and items already off-loaded at Lubungo

People will greatly benefit from the content.
The people are so grateful to you. 
I am also very thankful for your generosity to them.



October 30, 2017

Virginius has been living in Milwaukee while in formation, but recently

assisted with a container back to Nigeria:
"Here you will see the Helen's Women Empowerment Initiative

International (HWEII) Coordinator MRS CHRISTIANA

NWAOGWUGWU receiving the container and also handing out things.
She worked closely with MS. CHINELO NWANI to ensure a smooth

distribution. Their hard work and dedication to the empowerment of

Nigerian women played a crucial role in the success of the handling and

distribution of resources.

HWEII expresses her profound gratitude to the warehouse for touching

the lives of struggling Nigerian women. To you Dave and all the volunteers

who worked with you during the process and all the donors, be God's

blessings and peace.


October 24, 2017

This is to officially acknowledge the receipt of the 800 bags of rice you sent

to us earlier on this year. By the grace of God it was delivered to us from

the ports on 13th June, 2017.

The rice was successful distributed to our needy people, kids and adults,

from mid July till late September. It was amazing how the relief goods

have benefited our people; because it was bagged in 25kg bags it was

easy to distribute.

I am happy to let you know that the blockage at the ports have been lifted

so you can now send us the assorted containers.

Once again accept our heartfelt gratitude for all your help and assistance.

May God bless you and all the volunteers.

With kind regards,


October 10, 2017

Foundation for Children in Need is putting tools from the Salvatorian

Mission Warehouse to good use! 
"Greetings to you.

We are glad to share with you that the tools that we got from you made

their way to India.

We will be using them at our FCN Home construction site and also at

our FCN School.

Thanking you for all your help.

Special thanks to the donor (s).

With Prayers and Much Gratitude, 
Tom and Geetha"


October 3, 2017

Orfanato Valle de los Angeles has been working so hard to get the

containers cleared at port...

"We got the container!!!
God is good!



September 26, 2017

The Foundation for Children in Need treated the children of Jevodaya

Orphanage, Sankalp Orphanage, and Father Francis Memorial School

in Hyderabad with Hershey's and Figis products brought from the

Salvatorian Mission Warehouse!


September 18, 2017

Some pictures of the rice received in Ghana as a result of the Lenten



September 11, 2017

Originally from Kenya, Simon Muema has been in formation to become

a Salvatorian priest in the US province in recent years. When Kenya

was struck by a major drought, Simon returned home to help distribute

a container of rice sent by the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse: 
"Blessings to everyone. Hope everyone is doing great. I am great,

healthy and sound.

Back to the business. Just to let you know that my US visa was renewed

the second week when I got there. They said 'Friar Simon, we have

already heard what you've done to the village, the stories have gone around

that I had distributed the food to the whole village without any tribal

background, any church affiliation or belief, thank you Friar Simon for

helping the county with the help of food donation'...Whoever

communicated about the food donation, the word just went around and it

reached the embassy. Something like that gets the attention of the people.

My visa was renewed without any document being asked. I saw the Divine

providence working miracles. I could not believe seeing people breaking

down in tears when their visas were denied after submitting so many documents.

Am so thankful to everyone in our Salvatorian Family who made it possible to

this Lenten campaign project. We're all blessed here in our village and in the

church. This coming Saturday there is a Farewell and thanksgiving mass in our

home. Thank you, I have no words to express the joy of having the rice even

after long procedure of clearance. My folks are so full and thankful. 
In the Savior,
Friar Simon M. Muema de la cruz, S.D.S"


August 9, 2017

Another container arrived in Ghana, this time in Tema.  So joyful!


July 27, 2017

The container arrived safely. We were able to clear from customs and we

unloaded the contents.

We are grateful beyond words. Our hearts are on fire and we are more than

joyful and accept, use, and share your gifts to us. Through your generosity,

we have placed desk-chairs in the classrooms, ate more candies than ever,

share the candies with other schools, communities, and more people. I can

say there are more people we have shared your gifts than anticipated.

I hope you will enjoy the photos because some of them show the expression

of joy in the faces of kids and adults who received them. Indeed, we are

blessed to have friends in the Salvatorians. You have been a great and

wonderful friends for Xavier and our community.

The gifts of candies and toilet tissues and napkins have been shared among

different school communities and the larger community in Chuuk, our home

island. The weight machine is working well. We have used the keyboard during

one of our church activities. The drum sets will wait for the students when they

return to school. Classes begin on Aug 28.

We will continue to sing our praises and thanksgiving. God bless you and the

Salvatorians!  We cannot express enough the gratitude of our hearts. Xavier

High School is blessed to found a friend in you and the Salvatorians. Indeed,

we are most grateful!

We shared these items with schools, churches, communities, villages, and

municipal governments. Everyone is happy and thankful. School kids are

happy. Church and parishes are happy. All who shared in the blessings are happy.

Xavier will always be ready to accept more donations, especially if they are

for school supplies (science materials, desk-chairs, library chairs, etc.).

Candies and sports equipment, t-shirts, etc. are always appreciated.

Martin K. Carl, Principal
Xavier High School


July 24, 2017

Pictures from Ghana, finally!  Containers have been delayed this summer

so we are extra joyful when one gets through!

Images are from Brother John.


June 28, 2017

We were blessed to be able to visit Guatemala with our children during the

month of June.  We stayed at a boarding school run by an old friend,

Fr. Michael della Penna, OFM.  The school receives containers of goods

and also shares with dozens of other organizations.  The pictures include

descriptions of of our journey at the bottom of each.  

Dave & Heather Holton



June 6, 2017

Greetings from San Benito. It has been a couple of weeks since San Benito

got the last shipment of goods from you, thank you very much.
Father Bartolome from Changuinola in the province of Bocas del Toro came

to San Benito for donations. This is the first time for father Bartolome and we

made contact with him thanks to my uncle that lives in that part of the country.

Father Bartolome wants to start a sewing shop, for single moms at their parish

in Changuinola and if you have any sewing machines that he can use, I am

sure he will put them to good use.
Father Aristides from Divala came to San Benito for donations and also

father Lorenzo from Vervo Divino in David-Chiriquí.
Sister Lucia from Boquete came for donations, specially food items and

she took kitchen supplies that we got on your last shipment. Sister Lucia is

in great need for hospital beds, because they take care of retired nuns at their

mission and I was wondering if you could help her.
Hogar Santa Catalina came as usual for food items and they took the last

boxes of hospital sheets that we had. They come for goods every time San

Benito gets goods from you and that is because they take care of elderly

people (80) and they rely on donations and most of the time they run short

of these donations.
Dave when you start planning a shipment of goods fro San Benito, we could

use clothing, jackets, shoes, food items, paper products, hospital supplies,

sewing machines and any other item you can think off that we could use to

help those in need.
I will include some pictures in this email, again thank you very much Dave

for your help and we look forward hearing from you very soon.

Gregorio Fillis
Colegio san Benito,Volcan Chiriquí,Panama


May 3, 2017

May the peace of the Risen Lord be with you!
On behalf of the our children and the entire Community I wish to express

my sincere gratitude for your constant support to us.  We are heartily grateful.
The donation was shared to a large group of people. to support them in their

needs. It is unfortunate I cannot send you all the pictures. 
Extend our gratitude to all our benefactors and volunteers for their

generosity and help.
May God bless you all!
With prayerful regards,


April 17, 2017

Many warm regards from Wa.

We should be most grateful if you could send us more food.

God bless you and the great work you do for the poor of Christ. Ours is

a really deprived environment and that makes your support more helpful

and appreciated.

Thanks once again. 
Sr. Monica, Ghana


April 5, 2017

Greetings from Zamboanga!

The container finally arrived yesterday and it has been unloaded.

Thank you Dave for your patience and good work. The many items will

be very useful to us. Please find attached some pictures of the unloading

of the container and some of our children.

Thank you and God bless! Our children thank you so very much more.

Fr. Art, Philippines​