...raising over $18,200 to to fill a container with rice and ship it to Tema, Ghana.

The extra funds were used towards the costs of a second container to Kenya.

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The parishes worked hard and not only met their goal, but exceeded it...

Rice Initiative: A single bag provides a family with joy for three months!

A single 100# bag of rice can feed a family of five for three months.

In addition to sending containers of goods to our partners around the world, the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse also coordinates and pays for the delivery of loads of rice to our missions.

Rice is a dietary staple for those in Africa, especially, but extreme drought sometimes means it is unavailable or not affordable for those who rely on it.

Make a donation today to support the next delivery or contact Heather to begin your own initiative!

In 2017, a Lenten campaign aimed to cover the cost of one load of rice to Africa...