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Be Moved By Joy!

Salvatorian Mission Warehouse

A project supported by the Salvatorian Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and Lay People: donated relief goods are repackaged compactly by hundreds of volunteers in New Holstein, Wisconsin, loaded into large shipping containers, and sent to missions around the world.


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So often Americans, and especially Catholic Americans, feel pressured to give of their time, talents, and money because of a sense of guilt.  At the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse, we are instead moved by Joy.  Our volunteers are moved by the joy they feel in being part of a weekly community that serves others.  Our donors are moved by the joy they feel in knowing they are part of a project that makes a real and visible difference in the lives of those in need.  Our joy is reflected in the faces of the children and families who receive containers of goods in Missions around the world.

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40' shipping containers filled with food, clothing, medical goods, and more are received at dozens of missions in 14 countries.

Volunteer with us regularly or join us for a social justice experience with your church/business.

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Pray for us that our work may continue to spread joy. 

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Sending donated relief goods to missions around the world

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