Salvatorian Mission Warehouse

​The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse sends an average of two containers per month to Missions around the world. In these containers we pack life essentials such as food, clothing, tools, medical supplies, and other various necessities. Most of our donations for our containers come from our corporate sponsors, but we use monetary donations to purchase containers and cover shipping fees and for requested items that aren't able to be donated. 

​In addition to sending containers of goods to our partners around the world, the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse also coordinates and pays for the delivery of loads of rice to our missions.

Rice is a dietary staple for those in Africa, but extreme drought sometimes means it is unavailable or not affordable for those who rely on it.

So far this year, we have shipped 15 containers to Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Panama, Peru, and Syria, which had approximately 625,000 pounds of relief goods inside. 

We currently work with 15 mission partners in 12 countries, which include Ghana, the Philippines, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, Paraguay, Uganda, Turkey/Syria, Ukraine, Tanzania, Peru, and St. Lucia. 

Changing the world one container at a time!

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So far this year, we have distributed approximately 110,000 pounds of rice to 14 mission partners in both Ghana and Kenya. 

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