​In addition to sending containers of goods to our partners around the world, the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse also coordinates and pays for the delivery of loads of rice to our missions.

Rice is a dietary staple for those in Africa, especially, but extreme drought sometimes means it is unavailable or not affordable for those who rely on it.

Shipping containers

​The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse sends an average of one container per week to Missions around the world. In 2020, we sent containers to 16 Missions in nine countries in addition to distributing rice to 25 missions.  Their gratitude is expressed in letters and emails to the warehouse which are posted on our Facebook page and can be viewed here.

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Be Moved By Joy!

In 2018, an Advent campaign organized by parishes in Wisconsin aimed to cover the cost of rice delivered in Ghana.  The parishes worked hard and raised over $11,200!

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