Salvatorian Mission Warehouse


The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse strives to proclaim and teach, by all ways and means, the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior through serving missions around the world and supplying them with goods necessary for life. 

Mark & Deb Steiner 

Our support

Br. Regis Fust & Sr. Dora Zapf

The Steiner Family 

We are Mark & Deb Steiner and we have been Director and Assistant Director, respectively, at the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse for the last year. Through the last year, we have learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes work involved in shipping containers to missions around the world and we are excited to continue our work here for years to come. 

We are both originally from the New Holstein area and have been living here together for the last 25 years. We have a son Jeremy, who currently resides in Kentucky with his wife and son, and a daughter Cara, who recently graduated from St. Norbert College and is working at Penske. 

We look forward to continuing our mission work with your support! 

Monetary Donations
Shipping and other operational expenses are covered by the generosity of private donors, donations from churches/groups, and grants.

Changing the world one container at a time!

"Our whole warehouse is a loving miracle"  -Sr. Dora

Br. Regis Fust began his mission here at the warehouse in 1963 after a nun at a local Salvatorian hospital was curious if world missions could use their excess medical supplies. Through Salvatorian contacts in Tanzania he was able to send a container of relief goods to a Salvatorian hospital there. Sr. Dora Zapf was on the receiving end of that first shipment and soon after, in 1974, came to join Br. Regis here at the Mission Warehouse. 

1963 - Brother Regis begins his mission work in                  New Holstein, Wisconsin.

1968 - The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse was                 established.

1974 - Sister Dora joins the Mission Warehouse.

1975 - Present-day 25,000 square foot facility built.

2015 -Transition to new Director, and Lay                          Salvatorian, Dave Holton.

2019 -Transition to new Director, and Lay                          Salvatorian, Heather Holton.

2021 -Transition to new Director, Mark Steiner                  and Assistant Director, Deb Steiner. 


Volunteers are essential to the process of getting relief goods to the missions.  SMW is a second home for many of them, some of whom have been regular volunteers for decades, or whose parents and children have also volunteered.

Directors Corner

Our Founders


Product Donations
Nearly one million pounds of goods are donated to SMW each year from our corporate partners including Land's End, Sargento Foods, Hershey's, Rockline Industries, and Faribault Foods.

The Society of the Divine Savior

Founded by Fr. Francis Jordan, the Society of the Divine Savior is a Roman Catholic religious community, praying and working to share the love and mercy of our Savior through all ways and means.